Managing your software development lifecycle becomes far simpler with ALM Complete helping you. From managing requirements, tracking project tasks, listing issues/defects to managing test cases, ALM Complete helps with just about every aspect of your development life cycle. Add to that collaborative features like discussion forums, document collaboration and dashboards and you have your perfect solution for taking control of your software projects.

The core framework of ALM Complete allows you to define your requirements, create test cases from those requirements and then track defects as you execute your test cases. With ALM Completes clever traceability capabilities you build up a three dimensional matrix of linkage between all these core software development components. Add to that the ability to pull all of those objects on to a project plan at a drop of a hat and you have the next generation in integrated project management. For example when your developer tracks the hours he’s spent working on a specific requirement that information gets automatically feed back up to the project plan to give you a real time project status that not even MS Project can match.

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