T2 is a fully automatic, trace-based random testing tool, featuring in-code specifications and reflexive testing. It is also almost interactive; depending on the complexity of your class it can respond in less than a second, in which time it can inject thousands of tests!

T2 checks for internal errors, run time exceptions, method specifications, and class invariant. Unlike other testing tools, T2 reads specifications written in plain java! They are placed in the class we want to specify. Though not as fancy as Z or JML, in-code specifications are declarative, formal, and powerful. Maintenance effort is also minimum.

Unlike other testing tools T2 does not check individual methods in isolation. Nor does it generate Junit test scripts, though we could add this feature. T2 actually performs the test directly or on the fly. So it responds faster, perhaps even giving the feel that it is interactive. Internally it generates tests in the form of traces (sequences) of method calls; each will be checked. This has the effect that methods are basically checking each other. This is called reflexive testing. The benefit is that it still works well even if the specifications provided are very partial, whereas other testing tools typically rely complete specifications.

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