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Automated Test and ReTest (ATRT): Analysis Manager  is a powerful automated data analysis capability. It rapidly evaluates system behavior based on the automated analysis of test data against requirements and performance specifications. ATRT: Analysis Manager supports large, complex, software-based systems in which the required analysis exceeds the capacity of human analysts and program resources.

ATRT: Analysis Manager is developed using Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). The behavior of the System Under Test (SUT) is characterized in System Modeling Language (SysML). The ATRT/MBSE approach enables the development of a high-fidelity automated test and analysis capability which provides system requirements verification and test result analytics to support overall system testing.

ATRT: Analysis Manager generates result reports and plots to identify system problems and support defect resolution. This innovative, high-efficiency capability offers comprehensive, data-level analysis for all tests and is particularly effective with extremely large data sets.

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