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Calliope Pro, test results monitoring for DevOps Claim

Test your software, not your reputation.

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Calliope Pro is a DevOps tool for monitoring test results and was created to allow a development team to collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible during a development project. Our SaaS solution allows the entire team to share, compare, and monitor test results, independent of anyone test framework or tool, so that all stakeholders of the team are aware of the health of the development project.

As the SDLC becomes quicker and more iterative, testing has the possibly to become a bottleneck, slowing down release cycles. allows all stakeholder the ability to be aware of the state of the codebase and the results of tests of business-critical functionalities, all at a quick glimpse, in the cloud.

Calliope Pro was created by spriteCloud a leading software testing service provider located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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