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DataOps Automation for Testing & Monitoring

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iCEDQ is a powerful Data Mitigation and ETL/Data Warehouse Testing Automation Solution designed to give users total control on how they verify as well as compare data sets. With iCEDQ, they can build various types of tests or rules for data set validation and comparison.

Developers extract production and monitoring data from multiple sources and then load them into various data lakes or warehouses. iCEDQ helps developers automate the validation of the ETL processes and comb through these processes for duplicates and formats. The software allows them to streamline the reconciliation of data between source and target to ensure its accuracy, thus making the data valuable and actionable.

  • RSulke

    Rating: 1 / 5



    I recently had the unfortunate experience of using iCEDQ, and I must say it was a complete disappointment from start to finish. Overall, my experience with iCEDQ was deeply unsatisfactory. The product itself was plagued with bugs and lacked the promised functionality, while the support provided was slow, unresponsive, and lacked expertise. I strongly advise against choosing iCEDQ as a data testing and quality assurance solution, as it is likely to cause more problems than it solves. There are undoubtedly better alternatives available in the market that offer superior performance and reliable support.

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