The Empirix Hammer Test System is the leading automated solution for real-world contact center testing to optimize Quality of Experience. It is a complete testing solution in a single, easy-to-use package.

The platform improves the customer experience by identifying and correcting experience-related problems prior to, and during, production operations.

For example, Hammer Test System helps operations teams detect and measure performance issues, including configuration errors, resource problems, IVR and PBX/ACD prompt errors, IVR/host response times, and database response times.

The Hammer Test System can dial into applications and equipment being tested just like actual customers, entering or speaking account and PIN numbers and listening to ensure that the right responses are being played—all while measuring system and network response times throughout each test call.

It can emulate every aspect of a call flow, including the entry of variable information, using DTMF touch tones and playing an unlimited number of voice files for testing speech recognition-based systems.

Hammer’s patented prompt recognition capability even allows automatic verification that the correct prompts are being played in IVR and ACD/PBX systems.

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