Ibello is a framework and a tool designed for automated testing of web-based applications.

  • A framework, because it allows you to formulate and run automated tests, for which the product provides detailed support.
  • It is also a tool that makes it easier to perform more complex tasks with a user interface.
  • It is intended for automation because the tests written with it do not require human intervention. This saves a lot of energy.
  • We not only develop our product: we also use it in our work. We also draw on our own experience when designing new features. We know exactly how useful ibello is.

Automatically generated test scenarios

Ibello generates all possible test scenarios based on state models and decision tables. Creation a test suite to monitor business processes needs significantly less time, and more complex test cases are easier to detect.

Hierarchically structured tests and reports

The tests made with ibello are well structured and understandable for both the business and technical side.

Automatic test failure classification

Ibello will learn from the test analysis staff how to label failed tests. The time spent analyzing test results is significantly reduced.

Test writing supported by artificial intelligence

The writing of automated tests is also supported by a number of algorithms based on artificial intelligence. This reduces the amount of work required.

Test documentation generation

Based on tests, ibello generates test documentation that is understandable to both business operators and developers. This improves the transfer of information between business and development.

Risk analysis

The ibello helps you assess the risks associated with software development and testing, based on which you can prioritize test scenarios.

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