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Polyspace Bug Finder™ identifies run-time errors, concurrency issues, security vulnerabilities, and other defects in C and C++ embedded software. Using static analysis, including semantic analysis, Polyspace Bug Finder analyzes software control, data flow, and interprocedural behavior. By highlighting defects as soon as they are detected, it lets you triage and fix bugs early in the development process.

Polyspace Bug Finder checks compliance with coding rule standards such as MISRA C®, MISRA C++, JSF++, and custom naming conventions. It generates reports consisting of bugs found, code-rule violations, and code quality metrics, including cyclomatic complexity. Polyspace Bug Finder can be used with the Eclipse™ IDE and integrated into build systems.

For automatically generated code, Polyspace® results can be traced back to Simulink® models and dSPACE® TargetLink® blocks.

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