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Turn your phone into a monitor, free mobile app.

Monitor Your Website 24/7

Free Website Monitor is a must have app for any webmaster. This easy to use free tool is a jack of all trades when it comes to monitoring the health of your websites and staying up to date on the competition.

Website downtime can have a negative effect on your company, brand and reputation. Nothing is more frustrating for a potential consumer than a website that isn’t responding properly. This can translate to missed sales opportunities and a loss of revenue. You can Avoid all these problems with real time updates from the Free Website Monitor app.

As a webmaster, you need to monitor and analyze your website if you want to make sure that it is always operating at peak performance levels.

The Free Website Monitor is an “on the go” app, which means you can monitor your site from anywhere and anytime. You no longer need computer access to make sure everything is running smoothly. Just click on the app and you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips.
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This popular website uptime monitoring tool includes 4 different monitors; http, keyword, ping and port. Each one will monitor a different aspect of your site and provide you with reports using real time data.

Http: Checks to see if the website is running
Ping: Sends a ping to test the server speed
Port: Choose which port, or ports, to monitor
Keyword: Stay on top of the competition by tracking keywords on specific pages.

Set up unlimited monitors and track them all on our well designed dashboard. Simply touch the monitor you wish to see more information on and there will graphs of the up and downtime over the previous 24 hours.

You can set the monitors to run once every 5 minutes (288 time per day) once every half hour (48 times per day) or once an hour (24 times per day).

In the event that you website isn’t responding properly, you will receive an SMS and/or email immediately alerting you to the problem.

Monitor the Competition

With Free Website Monitor you can also monitor your competition by setting up a keyword alert on their pages. Any time a specified keyword is mentioned, including your company name, you will be alerted.

Features Include:

HTTP Requests
Server Ping Requests
Server Port Status
Ad Free
Keywords Appearing on URL
Performs checks up to 288 a day (every 5 minutes)
Monitors both http and https
Easy to graph of up and downtime for the previous 24 hours
Sort your monitors by “All,” “Up,” “Down,” and “Pause”

A broken link, DDoS attack, hack or unauthorised content being published could have dire consequences for businesses, and you won’t want to be caught unaware.

The fact is, business websites have to be in perfect working order constantly, while remaining safe from the attentions of cybercriminals. With Free Website Monitor, webmasters can keep track of their website homepages, subpages, directories and the IT equipment they run on.

Download Free Website Monitor today and to check on your website’s uptime and ensure that it’s up and running 24/7 without a hitch.

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