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AdaptiveCells/J is an open source J2EE benchmarking system. It enables the development of complex artificial J2EE test-beds without requiring a single line of code. Such test-beds can be used for:

  • performance testing : if you want to compare the performance of different application servers or if you need to test the functionality/performance of you server in particular contexts
  • middleware infrastructure testing : if you are developing some infrastructure software (eg. server adaptation software or a monitoring solution)
  • creating working J2EE applications when you just need to have some running systems (maybe you are learning J2EE or you work on some other aspects of a larger system and you need a working J2EE application for testing everything together)

AdaptiveCells/J test-beds allow precisely timed “problems” or “faults” to occur in a J2EE environment. Their behavior is fully controllable at runtime, and by selecting the appropriate configurations, testers and developers can replicate:

  • CPU usage behavior (e.g. a surge in CPU usage in an EJB business method)
  • memory allocation
  • memory leaks (to emulate the situation of an EJB business method that has a memory leak)
  • raising exceptions

AdaptiveCells/J is fully extensible, so you can add your own plug-ins and you can integrate it in your applications. It is released under the LGPL license so you can use it in commercial developments as well.

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