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With LT Browser, you can see mobile view of website on different screen sizes and resolution. With over 25+ devices to choose from, mobile website test hasn’t been much easier. Use LT Browser and ensure that your website is mobile responsive. You can create your own custom devices and save it for future uses. Create new mobile, tablet or desktop devices and test website on various devices, screen resolution and perform screen resolution test for website on different screen sizes.

You don’t have to switch between two devices to perform mobile website test. Test on two devices simultaneously with LT Browser and perform mobile website test on different tablet and desktop devices and inspect website on different resolution and resolution simultaneously.

LT Browser comes with Dev Tool to debug multiple devices while performing responsiveness test on your devices simultaneously. Test website on various devices simultaneously with separate Dev Tools for each device.

  • Ronnie Ash


    We compared numerous responsive testing tools, however, the efficient scroll sync in LT browser was a clear winner for us. The mirrored interactions allowed us to compare our website in a side by side view over numerous devices. The feature has been a time saver for us. Kudos to LambdaTest.


    Only 2 devices to test simultaneously in a single comparison view.

  • zahrakhaan

    Rating: 5 / 5

    LT browser has helped me save a lot of time on debugging my website for responsiveness. The convenience to view 2 devices emulated side by side with the option to debug using Developer tools has worked like a charm for me. Plus the integration to JIRA has been very productive for my team.

  • danbovey

    Rating: 4 / 5

    LT Browser helps in making responsive testing process faster. It’s fairly easy to start using and you get the hang of it pretty fast. So not much of a learning curve involved and anyone from the team can start performing responsive testing from day one. Winning points are for primarily it’s UI is self explanatory and nice, switching devices is very easy with a good comparison view. Inbuilt dev tools can be really helpful as you can make changes on the go. However you can also take screenshots or video recordings and share it across with the team.


    Right now we can only see two devices side by side. Would be great if we can add multiple devices side by side.

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